Why VetCare Paw?

The VetCare Paw mobile trailer – modern and climate controlled

We’re a family owned independent operation that’s been providing reliable veterinary services to the Bastrop area for over 5 years.

  • Comfortable modern mobile clinic with A/C & heat
  • 5 hours scheduled for each location, while remaining open until all pets have been served
  • Conveniently open on weekends so you don’t need to schedule any time from work
  • First come, first serve protocol
  • Can wait in your car comfortably until it’s your pets’ turn
  • Free physical exam with wellness care visits
  • Consultations available for sick pets

All of the vaccines and therapeutics VetCare PAW offers are safe-effective-FDA approved Rx meds from reputable USA Drug Companies, backed by their guarantee of satisfaction and expected performance when properly utilized per label instructions and following all precautions the companies recommend.

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Dr. Steven L. Meier

I was born and raised on my family’s large self-sustaining crop and livestock farm in central Iowa. Growing up during the 1950s, I was a member of the family’s workforce from as early as I can remember and the kittens and cats in the barn and puppies and dogs in the farmyard provided great joy for me. One of my most anticipated events was a visit from Dr. Bloom, our Veterinarian, when he would tend to the health of the farm animals. When I expressed interest in becoming a Small Animal Veterinarian, he gladly accepted the role of mentor and career advisor to me. After two years of Pre-Veterinary studies, Dr. Bloom was instrumental in helping me to gain acceptance to the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University.

While the curriculum was broad based, I further developed my love for cats and dogs and focused on their care as much as possible. Dr. Pearson, my small animal surgery professor, took notice of my focus and encouraged me to pursue an Internship after graduation in 1966. With his mentorship and recommendation, I was granted an Internship at the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. The learning curve was intense and it was often said, “If you do not see a medical or surgical case and learn how to diagnose and treat it, then it doesn’t exist.”

After completing my internship with Angell Memorial, I practiced and owned several small animal hospitals over the next several years in both Connecticut and Florida. In 1997, I accepted a Medical Director position with Banfield Pet Hospital, mentoring and coaching doctors as well as overseeing facility operations. After retiring from full service animal practice in 2007, I occasionally taught Small Animal Surgery as an Adjunct Professor at St. Georges, Grenada and St. Matthews, Grand Cayman. In 2010, my wife and I founded VetCare Pet Affordable Wellness, a family mobile practice devoted to primary pet care.

I have witnessed the progression of “small animals from outside running free to outside confined to entering the mud room/garage to Pets entering the house to entering the bedroom to being given a place in the bed to finally being a beloved and cherished member of the family.”

It has been an exciting and long journey, watching small animals become Pets and beloved family members, loved as I have always loved and enjoyed them since the 60’s.

Ann Meier

I did not anticipate how starting a new family business would bring my family so much closer together, but that is what has happened. Our business has evolved with everyone having significant input, offering their time and talent to make it a success.

My children grew up in the country in Bastrop. We had two Belgian Sheepdogs that brought us much joy and happiness. We would get their yearly Rabies vaccinations, but to save money, did not get the yearly booster vaccinations for DHLPP ( Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo and Parainfluenze). We did not go for walks or to dog parks, so I thought it was not important. Little did I realize, the wildlife (skunks, raccoons, rabbits, etc.), that came out at night carried the Leptospirosis bacteria that ended up killing both dogs at an early age.

Our household now consists of 5 cats and I have experienced the difference between sharing my life with animals, and now with my beloved pets, my favorite, Callie, sleeps with me every night. Her light touch and warmth are better than any sleeping medication. They all have different personalities and bring us much pleasure and laughter. I attribute my change of attitude in no small part to Dr. Meier’s influence.



My love for animals began before I can even remember.  I’m currently attending ACC to begin my career as a vet tech and was fortunate enough to earn a spot with VetCare PAW in March 2016. My passion continues to grow for all kinds of animals. I have worked full time for my dad as a receptionist, since the day after I graduated high school at his business doing bottled water service in Austin. I enjoy quality time with my family, close friends, and of course my sweet fur babies. I have a Miniature Schnauzer named Sophie, who is 9 years old and a Lab/Catahoula mix named Nelli who is 6 months old. Together they complete my life.



The love for animals runs thick in my blood. With my father being a hunting dog trainer, and my mother managing an animal shelter, I fell in love with the profession at an early age. I joined the Vet Care Paw family in 2015, while also working in an animal hospital in the Austin area. In my free time I enjoy stilt walking, music, and my nine year old boxer, Bella.